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First thing you should know about Ricardos is that it is ALWAYS busy. From the moment it opens, people swarm in, and that my friends is a sign that you should be in there too. I have been to Ricardos a number of times, but this time in particular was for a work breakfast farewell. Sadly there was no cake consumed at breakfast (even though I have done it before) but Ricardos would be my top recommendation for sweet treats in Canberra. Their enormous cake fridge is the statement piece of the entire cafe set up. As there was a few of us at the breakfast, we got an idea of the varied spread of dishes available for breakkie.

Plus its puppy friendly outside, if you can deal with the noise from the playground close by.


For the light eater, ham and cheese croissant.


For the tried and true eater, bacon and eggs

IMG_0800 IMG_0801

For the adventurous eater (well one of the more adventurous options on the menu), corn fritters


and for me, salmon eggs benedict. Its pretty much a staple in my diet. The bread is focaccia so is a little on the thick side but the eggs are cooked to perfection.

IMG_0803 IMG_0804 IMG_0805

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*This is an old post that I found in my drafts as I havent had time to write anything lately, this is why I reference warmer weather that seems so long ago*

For those who don’t know, Duxton is all the new All Bar Nun. After receiving a much needed facelift, it managed to keep it’s laid back pub style. We headed in to Oconnor for some relish pub grub, with Puppy

IMG_9453  IMG_9455 IMG_9456

The menu is simple and streamlined so it’s pretty easy to make a decision on food. We settle a Peri peri burger, nachos and slightly out of left field, polenta chips. At Duxton they now have a buzzer system, when your food is ready, your buzzer will squeal and vibrate until you go to collect your food. I’m not much of a fan of the new system but it’s not enough to make me reconsider my dinning choice. The only downside to the bars facelift is the outdoor area, it’s all undercover. Not even half of it, but ALL of it. Surely I’m adult enough to decide if I want to sit in the glory of the Canberra sunshine. I’m sure this will be a blessing on a hot summer day but given it’s still spring, I’m hunting up and down the area to spy any chairs in the sun and end up arching my back in all different odds positions to try and capture the rays. Definitely not a positive addition in my view!

IMG_9462 IMG_9463

The food arrives, or should I say that I collect the food. The burger is served with chips and looks like a typical burger. Nothing to spesh but Friend gushes over the Peri peri flavour. It’s distracting enough that she doesn’t even notice me stealing her chips, so I’m reassured it must be pretty spectacular despite its plain appearance. I’ve got the nachos and immediately I have food envy. There’s nothing special about these nachos and to add to the disappointment it’s not even really cheese on top. It’s that nasty ass American cheese sauce. Gross! The polenta chips are my only hopeful and to my pleasant surprise they are amazing. They taste like the chips I had at Rubicon, and for me to compare pub grub to a most favourite restaurant is enough to redeem the meal entirely.

IMG_9465 IMG_9466

 Would recommend the Duxton for a casual lunch, not too fussy with just the right amount of ‘pub’ feel. Plus they have a range of lunch and dinner specials through the week!


RSPCA Million Paws Walk

Everyone who knows anything about me, knows that I am obsessed with my dog. I am wholly consumed by my miniature dachshund, and I’m not even the littlest bit ashamed. I had heard of the Million Paws Walk  but had never participated, I figure this year would be a fantastic opportunity to help animals in need.

The MPW website describe it as, Canberra’s premiere pet event where you and your friends can mingle, chat and celebrate your love of animals! It is a family fun day designed to entertain, inform and educate the community about important animal welfare issues.’

I didn’t know what to expected, this being my first year attending but I was ready to take my dog craziness out into the world. Car parking wasn’t nearly as horrid as I had imagined which was a plus! I got there at 9.45, the event is from 9am – 2pm, but knowing how excited both myself and my dog would be in anticipation, I knew we wouldn’t last an entire day. I arrived and didn’t print out of E ticket as instructed (facepalm) but showed the volunteers my phone and they let me in, lucky! I was waiting for Friend to meet me, almost a little to close to the puppies that still needed a home, if she had been any later, im pretty sure I would have arrived with one dog, but gone home with two.

IMG_6080 IMG_6081 IMG_6082

The event space, which was quiet when we first arrived

We did some laps around the event, which was held at Stage 88. There were all kinds of stalls selling all types of pet wares. One Friend described as a BDSM store for dogs, there was a lot of leather and studs I can assure you. 50 Shades of Puppy. There was also food (for people) and an obstacle course in the middle of the grass.

IMG_6107 IMG_6108

You could also have your dogs washed, or photographed, with all the proceeds going to the RSPCA ACT. We didn’t see much of what was going on onstage mostly because we were swept up in what was happening around us. They did have some dogs that had been rescued and rehomed through RSPCA ACT, that were there with their current owners doing interviews about how rewarding adopting a pet was. After all you cant buy love, but you can adopt it 🙂


IMG_6084 IMG_6086 IMG_6092

IMG_6093 IMG_6101 IMG_6106

Meeting and making lots of new friends!

You dont even need a pet to participate in the walk, alot of people were there supporting friends and family or considering adoption for themselves. Plus if you did have a pet, it didnt even need to be a dog, people had brought along guinea pigs that they were carryings, cats on leashes and we even spotted a pig!


We started walking at 11am, there was a count down on the big screen but I think I was the only person counting down, but it was very crowded. Eventually the crowd dispersed which made the stroll much more pleasant. Half way around the lake, there was dogs competing in fly ball, so we watched that before getting back to our walk. There were a few people who were trying to walk the opposite way around the lake (you think that you would pick another day, or just walk with everyone else) but for the most part there was no issues with the crowds. The SES were even positioned around the event to help with road traffic.



A little break in the leaves mid walk, after all the distance of short walk depends on your perspective, and with Hunters tiny legs, it was well deserved.


Once we had completed our walk we checked our wrist bands for certain numbers, which neither of us had, so we got a consolation key ring prize, which Friend actually though was the major prize so she was very impressed. We went and sat down on the grass and listened to some live music. I think we had missed the fancy dress competition, but it was clear who the winner of that would be. The theme was safari, and one man was dressed head to toe in a Safari suit even complete with a huge (what I hope was a prop) gun. Then his dog, which I might add was tiny, was dressed in a costume that looked like an alligator had swallowed him, plus the costume was on wheels so it was worn almost the entire walk! Which is more than what I can say for Hunters jacket. A lot of my photos wont load onto WordPress 😥 which I suppose is probably a good thing because I took over 150



It was fantastic weather for the event and we all had a great time. if you didn’t make it to the event but are still interested in donating, here is the link to Hunters fundraising page



nothing like a bit of shameless self-promotion




Last night I found myself wandering into Playground, a little bar in the city just near Gamera Place.

I had been several months earlier and had neither good cocktails or a good experience so hadn’t been back since, tonight however was busy, and by a default of lack of options for pre-dinner drinks, I ended up back at Playground


I must say that’s it’s MUCH improved! The setting proves to be very intimate, especially with the rain drizzling outside. I had a hot apple pie cocktail, that wasn’t actually hot. I had seen someone with a teapot on entering, and though it must be a cocktail served warm in a teapot (Haha bar does this in Winter and they are delicious) but it was still tasty. I must admit the cinnamon sugar coupled with the sweetness of the drink was slighty overwhelming, but nothing a good napkin couldn’t fix. Friend had a beer, served in a little mason jar. Pause for adorable swoon 🙂

After an unexpectedly pleasant experience, I have no choice but to return as soon as possible.


Knead – Belconnen Markets


Excuse the pun but you KNEAD this in your life. Knead is a french Patisserie (are all patisseries french?) that is simply heaven in Belconnen. They make all of their goodies from scratch every morning so beware, if you go in the afternoon there is probably no creme brulee tarts left for you!

IMG_0983 IMG_0991

I was trying to snap a picture of the space, but people were rushing in and out for their morning coffees/pastrys so this is about as far as I got.

On this morning I had a crossiant, especially light and flaky, the way all good crossiants should be 🙂

IMG_0984 IMG_0985

Here is a little peek of the cabinet filled with treats. If you are an indecisive person, this is probably not the place for you.


IMG_0987 IMG_0988

Another morning visit and there was coffees to be had! I must admit that the coffee pictured was delightful but the coffees I had another day were scolding hot and not very pleasant at all. I would write it off as a bad day though, no harm, no foul!


A vego quiche, simply devine, and my most favourite item from Knead, a Bourbon Pecan Tart. This and this Creme Brulee Tart are without a doubt the best items on the menu.

IMG_0989 IMG_0995

More delicious treats. Certainly makes a visit to Knead worthwhile, even if you do have the ambience of the yelling fruit salemans next door

IMG_0992 IMG_0993 IMG_0994


Momo Mornings

Cafe Momo is my morning coffee spot. They always have cute chalk drawings but I was especially impressed by this mornings art.
Considering work is a madhouse at the moment I thought it was especially clever.

Momo Mornings